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A bit of his story...

David Marks has been writing music and sharing his voice professionally with the world for over thirty years. But it all began at the age of seven when he performed at his elementary school talent show. Much to his surprise, he won the show and gained admiration from friends and the community. With that first taste of “fame,” he was hooked on music for his lifetime.


Many years later, after attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, he returned to his home of New York City with his band. They performed in venues like The Bitter End and CBGB's. People compared David's music to his core influences, with harmony and melodies like The Beatles, vocal stylings and intensity like U2's Bono, astonishing productions like Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and metaphoric lyrics like Paul Simon. Today more contemporary sounds have found their way into his work. But all along, he has held true to his personal mission to bring light and joy into the world through music and by helping others.  ​



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